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Aging Beautifully in Light of You – A Novel  Paperback $10.00


It seems years ago the science confirmed that brain cells continue to renew themselves throughout our lifetime. Why then would not love, the need for it and the need to express it, and the joy of experiencing it be equally self-renewing until the last breath of life as we know it? Romance is ageless, and we don’t lose the desire to be loved and to love someone even if we have never had the opportunity to experience it. Having someone to share a part of your life enables you to see more of yourself through the mirror of somebody else. It’s what makes you human, the reflection in the mirror. Through that connection is self-realization, recognizing the essence of who you are, enabling you to be authentic. Michael comes to a point in his life where all the dead ends, the chatter, the roller coaster he had been on for decades mellowed to a passion for writing, and a romance with Rachel who taught him love has a way of giving you what you didn’t know you wanted.

Ageing Beautifully in Light of You – Poetry   $6.99


Need a little romance in your Life? This book is the most memorable collection of romance poetry written today. John mixes soul felt moments of longing and loving passion, stirs in with delicate tenderness sharing and caring, combines, respectfully companionship and, finishes with a dash of wit and wisdom. The result is a wonderful dish with a taste for everyone. A perfect gift for your sweetheart, the newly to be wed, the anniversary couple, or to share for no reason but to savor the flavor.

Comes a Time    $5.50


Comes a Time is a collection of poems and essays exploring the ageing process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are. Digging deep at times into the “soul” of the substance of growing old, the reader is never too far from finding humor where time becomes a diminishing number of cells doubling. Dedicated to all the sexagenarians, septuagenarians, octogenarians, and nonagenarians, who are no longer capable of dividing but are still alive and metabolically active.

A Stroll Through the Village of Ajijic   $5.50


Ajijic is a small village nestled on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake. Surrounded by the Sierra Madres, it is a world unto itself, where behind the walls, windows and doors are always open and welcoming. After visiting, it was only a matter of time before I returned to what is now home. These poems speak of a celebration of life and death, a festival of music, church bells, and children laughing. They speak of the toil and contentment of living in nature’s garden, where each day begins with a morning symphony. In Ajijic two worlds live side by side harmoniously. Walls separate one another, yet life dances to the rhythm of conscious matter and mystery, and time is only what you make of it.

Free To Be Me    $5.50


Free To Be Me is a tribute to all the Seekers that have nurtured my belief that we are all one. Each poem meditates on an aspect of being human and wanting non-other than to share in the possibility, that we can look upon the face of God, and see our reflection. In this collection of poetry, which I have written over the years, I only have the words to repeat what the universe has whispered in my ear, spoken with a virtuous breath not my own, for I borrow all that I am from all that has been and is. In the title poem I offer this book as a gift to bring the reader the peace of mind that comes from believing in yourself, and finding the way, to finally say “I’m free to be me”.

Father Hunting   $5.50


Father Hunting is a journey in poetic narrative, of searching for a father, who left a four year old standing on the platform of a train station, never to return, until one day several decades later they met in a cold, northern city. In that moment all his questions over the years were answered: old rags and brittle bone/had been where he had been/and covered his tracks well/his father let his bones die/ let his legs ground to sand/and he had been denied/the final moments of the hunt. Father Hunting is a positive example of dealing with a history of abandonment when the child becomes a father, overcoming child custody, and coming full circle in a loving father/son relationship.

Small Altars Where the Sun Performs Morning Service   $5.50


A Cameo Collection of Short Poems & Morning Minuets. New and previously loved poems capturing a moment in time and space. The language of John's poems is natural and spontaneous, the simple words of everyday parlance. Artless expression is not automatic, however, and is far more difficult to achieve than it appears. John is a poet who does it well and is able at the same time to preserve the rhythm. Some of the poems hint of the concise perfection of short form Oriental poetry. In this volume, the first line, always italicized, constitutes each poem’s title.

The Sneaky Twitch of an Itch   Illustrated    Paperback $9.50


The Sneaky Twitch of an Itch" came out of a long forgotten drawer one day and bounded his way into my heart. His "Catch me if you Can' attitude enticed the artist in me. Yet his elusive nature made him hard to hold onto. Why? I decided it's because he is meant for each and every reader's imagination. This poem's delightful ways tantalize and tease readers of all ages. Through Sneaky's impish and frolicking behavior children are taught the importance of caring relationships and the value of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Journey Home   Paperback $5.50  Kindle 


The Journey Home is the story of Thomas (a dreamer) who sets off on "The Path", to follow the twists and turns of "The River of Life." Along the way Thomas encounters new companions and experiences, as well as discovering new ideas, questions and new learning. Some bring him feelings of warmth and happiness and others, fear and doubt. His ultimate learning comes when he awakens to find that love is always with you, even when you think you are alone.

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